Hipster’s paradise, Shoreditch, London!

The hipster’s paradise of Shoreditch has gone from somewhere we were not recommended to go in the 90s to something of a hub for street and hipster fashion and food. In the 16th century, Shoreditch was an important centre of the Elizabethan Theatre, and it has been an important entertainment centre since that time. Formerly a predominantly working-class area, since around 1996 Shoreditch has become a popular and fashionable part of London, particularly associated with the creative industries. Former industrial buildings have been converted to offices and flats, while Curtain Road and Old Street are notable for their clubs and pubs which offer a variety of venues to rival those of the West End.

The number of hotels, street food vendors, cafes, bars, pubs, pop up shops and other places to spend your money is simply staggering. We would like to especially mention a few places that we like, the first one is a biker’s heaven at The Bike Shed, motorcycles, clothes, and food here is epic. If you are a petrolhead, this is a must visit location.

The Cocktail Trading Co. at Bethnal Green road is award winning and we can understand why, the last time we visited we had a hard time finding our way home after tasting our way through the extensive and incredibly fun drinks menu. Pizza East on the corner of Bethnal Green road and Shoreditch High street is also one of those restaurants that is a must visit, very cool interior and very very tasty food.

Just up the high street is the very chic Ace Hotel with the very cool Hoi Polloi restaurant, both are worth the visit. And Sneakers n Stuff must be mentioned, if you need the most fashionable new kicks, this is the place to get them for sure.

The proximity to the old institution of Old Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane makes this area a perfect location for a full weekend of shopping and drinking (and eating of course).

Brick Lane

You could spend an entire weekend in Shoreditch, and if you have seen London a few times, this is probably an option, everything you need is here in close proximity. Worth mentioning are the rooftop bars of Shoreditch and indeed London, the Rooftop Guide has a good list of notable bars with great al fresco drinking in London.

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  1. I loved your guide to Shoreditch I only went there once but didn’t see as many cool things as you so definitely need to go back now 😊 Spam can on a plate hehe….how was it?

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  2. I think I may have mentioned before but when I lived in London (late 80s/early 90s) this area was devoid of interest unless it was to see examples of old London architecture that had somehow survived the Blitz! I love how cities constantly re-invent themselves and evolve!

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