Wremer Travels, yes we do!

We are Ørjan and Tanja Wremer, and we travel. To put it simply, Wremer Travels.

We are both from Norway, we live in the southernmost town of Mandal. We love to travel. All our spare time, most of our money, goes towards new adventures. We have been doing this since we met in London 25 years ago. We have roadtripped extensively in western USA both on motorbike and in cars. We have been two times around the world, visiting New Zealand, Australia, Easter Island and the Galapagos islands among many destinations.

We also share a passion for music, so there will be some anomalies on this travel site with interviews done by Ørjan as a freelance writer for Norway Rock Magazine. Our favourite band is Pearl Jam from Seattle, hence our “pilgrimage” a few years ago to the city of grunge and coffee.

This website was started to enable a space so that we can share our passion with other travellers and those who plan to travel in the future. These are the journals and travels of two adult, sometimes luxury, sometimes motels, sometimes cars, sometimes Harley Davidson, roadtripping and travelling “normal” people. We hope you enjoy it!

Roadtrips in western USA on a Harley is always a great adventure. The challenge of planning is always the hardest thing, what roads are nicest, the route to choose and where to stop along the road. We have tips, tricks and several epic roadtrips in our USA Roadtrips section.

We love the sea and the sunshine! We have great love for Florida with its pristime beaches, one of the greatest roads in the world to Key West, and the hustle and bustle of South Beach is legendary.

The fjords of Norway

There are many epic byroads in Norway, most of them are only accessible in summer. We have done some of them, have a look at our Norway section for itineraries and tips.

Galapagos Islands

A dream come true, the Galapagos Islands are beyond all expectations!

Central Park, New York

We love New York! After many visits we have collected our favourite walks, areas to sit down and watch people, and what hotels to choose in the Big Apple.

The Maldives

The absolute favourite destination for just relaxing is the sublime Komandoo Resort in the Madives. Adult only, great food, fantastic service and world class snorkeling.

Hobbiton, New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Two small islands that contain more adventure and epicness than most continents.

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