Our journeys, our passion

We are Tanja and Ørjan from Norway. We love to travel. All our spare time, most of our money, goes towards new adventures. We have been doing this since we met 25 years ago. This website is to enable a space so that we can share our passion. These are the journals and travels of two adult, sometimes luxury, sometimes motels, sometimes cars, sometimes Harley Davidson, roadtripping and travelling “normal” people.

Our Favourites


The Sunshine State! Discover South Beach, Miami, Key West, The Dry Tortugas, dolphin swimming and the Gulf Coast with us.

Easter Island

Discover one of the most magical and remote islands in the world!

On Route 66

USA Roadtrips

We have been on a bunch of roadtrips, mainly in western parts of the US. Both on Harley Davidson and in cars. Come explore with us!

Norwegian Scenic Byroads

See what the scenic byroads of Norway have to offer!

Around The World And Back Again

After 2 trips around the world (so far) we have a few tips and tricks to what to do, and what not to do if you decide to take the big plunge and go!

Kenya and South Africa safaris

Why is Ørjan kissing a giraffe? And why elephants do not like GoPros.


Our backyard. Lots to do, lots to see, roadtrips and eternal cities. Urban exploring and countryside shenanigans. From Norway, our home, to our favourite Spain.

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