The pubs of London, where to quench your thirst with a pint of that amber nectar

London is famous for its pubs. A pub is the hub in any local community in Britain. The nectar of life is served in a pint to locals and tourists alike. We had our “local” when we lived in Bayswater, and every day after work we would convene to have a pint or two before walking home to make dinner, more than once there was no dinner, only more pints and a packet of crisps.

The meaning of the pub in Britain can not be understated. Sadly, the number of “original” pubs is dwindling, and the pub culture of London has taken a bit of a nosedive later years.

The good news is that among the corporate brewery owned pubs, there are some gems left all around London, the trick is just to find them. The Telegraph has a great list of some of the more historic pubs around London and we have visited a few, and we make sure to seek out a few on every visit to London.

On the list we have been to the very hidden, but very cool Grenadier pub. The Cross Keys in Covent Garden we have mentioned before. The Seven Stars pub just behind the Royal Courts of justice survived the great fire of 1666 and is still going strong. In the same area is the historical Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.

One of our absolute favourites, although it is a bit hard to get to, is the Prospect of Whitby, this pub lies on the Thames, and from the terrace on the backside of the pub you can sit and watch the boats go by on the Thames river while drinking a pint of the black stuff.

Our walk along Regent`s Canal also gave some good pub experiences, like the brilliant Engineer pub in Primrose Hill.

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  1. This is the pub my mum and dad used to run, and where I spent a couple of years growing up as a kid …

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