American Drivers

American drivers, well to be kind, they are not European drivers. Already at the age of 16 they get their drivers licence. The 8 lane Interstate roads can be a bit intimidating going in to or out of a big city. The trick is to stick to your lane, if you know you are taking an offramp in a while, stay in the righ hand lanes. Find your inner zen, stay in lane, keep cool, keep an eye on signs and look around you on both sides. In America they do not do like Europeans, and overtake in left lanes, and drive slower in the right lane. The cars will use any lane to overtake, they will drive in the left lane under speed limit, not moving a muscle to move to the right, so you do have to pass on the right side. So be aware that fast traffic will be both on your left as per usual, but also on your right. This is the biggest advice we can give, keep an eye on all lanes if you drive more than two lane highways.

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