Staycation 2020 part 2

It has been a great start to summer in Norway. Most Norwegians will flock to the great outdoors as soon as the sun shines, because we know that tomorrow it might be gone for the next few weeks, or maybe until July for all we know.

We are so lucky to have a small boat that enables us to explore the plethora of islands in the archipelago of southern Norway.

One of the main reasons for the average Norwegians inherent lust to explore and make use of the great outdoors is the Right To Roam act of 1957. It is a tradition dating back to the viking era, but it was put down as law in 1957. Basically it states that everyone has the right to roam everywhere, on government land and on private property. You may tent everywhere, as long as you are not closer that 150 metres (500 feet) of a building. A great law, and a huge reason to Norwegians basically roaming free in the great outdoors.

Catching crabs, cooking them on a fire, and eating them steaming hot straight from the pot on the rocks by the ocean is quintessentially the southern summer in Norway.

We are laying small plans for our staycation, for now we are just enjoying unseasonally warm weather. And the house needs painting but we will be taking a drive up into the mountains where there still are 20 feet snowdrifts along the road. Also om our schedule is a visit to the Pulpit rock outside Stavanger.

Pulpit rock, photo by Stefan Krause, Germany.

So for now we will continue to enjoy the warm weather, and soon we will be on some small Staycation adventures. Enjoy wherever you are, be safe everyone!

Social distancing is no problem in the southern archipelagos.
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