Varm photo on a cold Sunday.

Last summer dive, giving myself a double high five!

Sunday comes from Old English “Sunnandæg,” which is derived from a Germanic interpretation of the Latin dies solis, “sun’s day.” Germanic and Norse mythology personify the sun as a goddess named Sunna or Sól.

The Vikings
Days of the Week

Our days of the week are named in honor of Norse gods.

Sunday (søndag): For Sol, goddess of the sun, Sun’s day

Monday (mandag): for Mani, goddess of the moon, Mani’s day

Tuesday (tirsdag): For Tyr, god of war, Tyr’s day

Wednesday (onsdag): For Odin, the Raven God, sometimes known as Woden, Woden’s day

Thursday (torsdag): For Thor, god of strength and storms, Thor’s day

Friday (fredag): For Frigg, goddess of marriage, Frigg’s day

Saturday (lørdag): Saturday did not come from the Vikings. It came from the ancient Romans – Saturn’s day. In old norse it was the day of washing, laugardagen, so «lørdag» the norse saturday is washingday.

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