A Very Norwegian Weekend

It is said that Norwegians are born with skis on their legs. It is almost embedded in our DNA that skiing cross country is something we should do as soon as we can stand on our own feet. And on a normal winter weekend in the Norwegian mountains you will see everyone from small toddlers to pensioners and beyond donning their cold weather gear and head for the great white snowy beyond.

For the first time in 15 years we headed for the mountains to give our newly purchased skis a test, and see if we still had that Norwegian DNA present after way too many years of not honoring our Norwegian heritage.

A normal day cross country skiing starts with a hearty breakfast. Getting dressed for the adventure is always a bit of a discussion, how cold is it and how much wind will there be? The weather down in the valley compared to the higher mountains can differ quite a bit. So we dressed for the cold, and cold it was! At the top the wind was howling and the wind chill was epic. The lost the feeling in our faces for a while. Luckily there are plenty of ski trails to choose from, so we chose the best trail to be in cover from the wind. The views even from this trail (we chose the simplest and shortest trail this time) were great, the snowy mountain plateau stretching on to the horizon. The gratification of mastering the skis, the fresh air and great outdoors was epic.

One thing is better than skiing, and that is afterskiing! Norwegians will sit in the snow and revel in the sunshine no matter the temperature, we just dig a hole in a snowdrift and stay out of the wind and crack open a beer and enjoy some very Norwegian aquavit.

Always make sure that you can make it back to your own cabin after the afterski, if the afterski is at different location than you own cabin, one aquavit per leg is a good rule of thumb.

Watching the sun go down while BBQing some tubed meat is a great way to end the day! After the sun has gone it is too cold to be outside, so inside by the fireplace is a good location to wind down before dinner and some well deserved red wine. It was a good day, and we can`t wait to do it again!

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  1. thanks to your post, today I learned the best way to keep a beer cold ahah that’s interesting how you take the best of the snow 🙂 a good friend from Lisbon lives in Oslo and she already explained me how you are addicted to snow and you can deal well with those temperatures 🙂 well done!! and thanks for sharing your photos 😉 have a great week, PedroL


  2. Lovely post and very nice to see you guys are able to enjoy the mountains and skiing too!

    Nice photos too.


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