Sorry Europe, and the world, we will not be coming this summer…

We are sad to realize that summer 2021 will be another staycation in Norway for us, not that Norway is a bad place to staycate but how we would have liked to travel abroad this summer. It seems like summer 2021 will be like summer 2020. How certain we were in 2020 that the staycation was only a one year occurance, but alas, it was not to be. Travel advice for Norwegians are still to avoid all unnecessary travel to at least the end of June, and with the current tempo of vaccinations in Norway, it does not seem like we will have our long awaited shots until after summer. Like so many others we would have loved to support the locat travel industry in Greece, Spain, Italy or any other southern European country this summer, but hope is disappearing like fog in the morning. We are sad to say, see you next year we hope! And for all those who have their vaccinations, and have the possibility to go for summer holidays, happy travels! We wish nothing but the best for everyone supporting airlines, hotels, restaurants and bars in every holiday destination in the world, who have been without us, the travellers, for far too long.

Pulpit Rock, Norway
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  1. Same here – have booked a few places in Ireland but no guarantee that we’ll even get to the first one in late June – We’d a lovely summer at home last year to be fair – but – need to get travelling again … SOON! Not holding my breath re vaccine either – it’ll be another few months at least. So here’s to 2022!!!

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  2. It seems like a nice place for staycation Norway, my partner and I would love to trade places with you…trade NZ for Norway for a holiday would be awesome 👌 I totally get that you have itchy feet to travel I feel the same way. I think once a certain number of people have the vaccine they should start opening up again hopefully

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    • Norway is quite like NZ if we had higher monutains in the middle, some sub tropical rainforests in the south (south equals warmer here) and a few volcanos around Oslo👍😬I think most travellers are itching to move around a bit now. First vaccines, happy times, and then move around. Still a while left.

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  3. Sorry to hear, but hey we have been here as well! Did you know this is where that final scene from Mission Impossible was filmed?

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