Coasteering in Abereiddy Bay, probably the most fun you can have in a wet suit in Wales

Coasteering is quite the fashion statement! Someone HAD to have the golden shorts of course…

Coasteering is probably the most fun activity we have done the past years of travelling. We did an extensive road trip across the UK a few years ago, and we thought that coasteering in Wales sounded like a cool idea. And it was… we booked our adventure with the great people at Celtic Quest Coasteering.

Basically coasteering is donning wet suits, life west, helmet and shoes to climb, hop, skip, jump and dive along the rocks on the Welsh coast. You can challenge your inner daredevil/kid and jump from 10 metres or higher into the water, you will feel like being inside a washing machine when you are hurled like a cork up the rock face by big waves, and then thrown back down again.

In the hours we were out with our great coasteering guides we had lots of belly laughs, thrills, spills and swallowed about a gallon of salt water between us, it was such a gas!

The whole experience ended up in the blue lagoon of Abereiddi, an old slate quarry abandoned and flooded, great for jumping off the ruin walls of the former factory. It has been used as a location for the daredevils of the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition. If you are ever on the Pembrokeshire coast, go coasteering with the great people of Celtic Quest, for us it was a memorable morning in the Pembrokeshire sea! We hope the pictures speak for themselves, what great fun it was!

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