A random awesome stop at Melbourne Beach, Florida.

Random stops for food and rest can go both ways we have experienced. There is nothing worse than a hangry driver and co-driver looking for places to stop and rest, and not finding a viable option anywhere in sight. Often this ends up with a stop at a bad fast food place, or worse, at a bad expensive slow food place.

On our recent visit to Florida, on our way from Kennedy Space Centre, we planned to follow the A1A along the coast south towards Miami. We left the space centre a little before lunch, and as a precaution for the hunger that would surely soon come, we eyed a small kink in the otherwise straight road along the coast at Melbourne Beach. On google maps we also spotted a restaurant called Sand on the Beach. Goody! We headed for Melbourne Beach, driving along the beaches and houses that mostly block the beach view. When arriving at Melbourne Beach we were ecstatic to discover that not only did Sand on the Beach sit directly at the beach, it also had its own beach access!

All the seats in the house had great views of the ocean, we opted for the second-floor bar stools that gave an unprecedented vista. The food was delish, we chose mahi fish tacos, and they were great! After lunch we could just stroll through the restaurant straight to the beach for a post lunch swim. We love it when relative shots in the dark turns our to be a real bullseye!

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  1. Can’t beat that view and food by the look of things!

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