Cadaqués and Cap de Creus on Spain’s stunning Costa Brava

On the easternmost cape in Spain lies the pretty village of Cadaqués with its whitewashed houses and stunning location in the Cap de Creus natural reserve. The drive to Cadaqués is dramatic, from the plains surrounding Figueres the road climbs dramatically over rugged mountain terrain before diving down towards the sea and the town of Cadaqués. The town is isolated and not very developed and retains its own unique atmosphere. The narrow streets that run down to the harbour and beaches in the city centre are a joy to walk and explore.

We spent a few hours sightseeing and having a look inside the beautiful church of Sant Mary located on the highest hill in the village. In the early 20th century a large number of inhabitants of Cadaqués emigrated to Cuba, many were financially successful in Cuba and returned to build large and ornate houses. These houses can still be seen in the town, including the Casa Blava (the blue house).

The area is also famous for being the residence and sanctuary of  painter and artist Salvador Dalí in nearby Port Lligat. He lived here with his wife Gala from 1930 to 1982 and created a stunning house that was equal part art installation as it was a dwelling. Other notable artists who used Cadaqués as a refuge and summer retreat was Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Marcel Duchamp and Richard Hamilton. If you want a tour of the Dalí house, you need to book well in advance.

Cap de Creus is the easternmost point in mainland Spain. The ride out to the cape is epic, the road is narrow and filled with switchbacks and tight corners, but it is all worth the frayed nerves when you reach the cape. From the lighthouse the views are amazing, and you can see north to France with ease. The cape itself is filled with trails that lead you to small coves with crystal clear water where you can swim and relax. The whole cape is famed for the trails and paths crisscrossing the landscape.

Cadaqués and Cap de Creus is a splendid day trip from anywhere in north eastern Spain. It is only 2 ½ hours drive from Barcelona. The spectacular scenery and dramatic views are breath taking!

The hills of France in the distance
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  1. It looks amazing! Thank you for this post!

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  2. the pics of the light station!

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  3. Very nice…Spain is in on our “sometime in the future” bucket list

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  4. I remember a sunny evening, sitting there with a glass of wine – a lovely village and plenty to see and do in that part of Spain..

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