Question: should we do this project?

We have a question to you all. We are thinking about a Christmas project. In 2022 it will be 25 years since our first major trip together. In 1997 we had our first around the world adventure. Exciting stuff for two youngsters who had never been outside Europe. We both kept travel diaries (we have not read them since) and we photographed with slides (positive photos who had to be shown on a slide projector). We are considering transcibing our separate diaries per day, see what we wrote about, and see how differently we probably experienced the same things. And we will also transfer all the photos to digital format. It will be impressions from Bangkok, Bali, Lombok, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga in 1997.

Should we do this?

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  1. The longer you leave it the more of a mountain it appears. Do it! It will be fascinating yet something that come screeching to a halt if you’re not pig-headed about it! If you start it – finish it! That’s what I reckon – but I’m a screaming heap of tidiness.

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  2. Great idea. Be fascinating to see how your perspective has changed.

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  3. Yes! I have had a similar idea in mind. (I don’t want you to think I copied your idea.) In 1979, I went to Europe on a month long tour. I took slides. I kept a journal which unfortunately, I don’t have anymore. I was thinking of writing a series of posts to capture what I can remember. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and thought it would be a good project during the winter months. I think your project would be wonderful for you to do and to others to follow.

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  4. Yes, do it! You will have so much fun during Christmas, looking Into it all – and we will very much enjoy reading it all! Good luck 😀

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  5. It’s a great idea and a wonderful thing to do to relive the memories 🙂

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